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Who is TCS?

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Who is TCS?

Tallahassee Computer Solutions was formed in 1995 as "PC COACH".  PC COACH provided students, teachers, and parents with training and repair services at a professional level without the professional prices.   This is the way we believe it should be.  PC COACH was started by a few parents from a local school seeking help for their children and themselves.  They asked PC COACH to bring them up to date as well as help keep them there through upgrades and smart purchasing decisions.  Over the last 11 years they have all benefited from our prompt service and no hidden costs policy.  Service is our #1 priority and we will not rest until all of our customers are satisfied.  It is like having your very own personal IT Department.

What Services do we provide?




Onsite Service

@Home service call.

$40.00 per hour 1

Shop Service

Services performed in our office

$40.00 per hour 1

Web Support Service

Web Site administration, maintenance, creation.

Call for pricing.

Phone Support Service

Telephone Tech Support for most Machines and Software.

$20.00 per hour 1

* Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please call to confirm prices before requesting service.
** Any service deemed unfixable will charged a $25.00 diagnostic fee.

Pricing Rules
1 = Minimum 1 hour, additional time is rounded to the 1/4 hour.

@Home with TCS

It has been our experience that dealing with your computer situations is better on your own turf.  Learning how to use your computer in a strange lab somewhere, using someone's plan on what they think you need to know just doesn't work.  Having to pull apart your computer and haul it into a shop on the other side of town isn't a lot of fun either.  For no additional charge we will address your computer needs custom to your schedule.  We will only take your computer offsite if it is absolutely necessary.  We are here for you and will do everything in our power to make your computer experience as easy as possible.

Design and Install

Lets face it, Networking is the way to go!  However, starting a Home or Business Network is not as simple as it looks.  Let Tallahassee Computer Solutions help you design an inexpensive yet secure Network.  Careful planning will avoid major downtime and additional costs in the long run.